ARMSTRONG: We will outlast this government

ARMSTRONG: We will outlast this government

Last weekend's election result fell short of what many union members were hoping..

...and needing to Change the Rules and secure Jobs You Can Count On.

We didn’t Change the Government, but we’ve certainly put them on notice. It was no mean feat to get wages and inequality central on the political agenda, but you did.

So many union members fought hard, many got active for the first time, many bravely stepped up into new roles of leadership, all in effort to Change the Rules for working people, and address the inequality and unfairness that currently pervades our country, our communities, and our workplaces. I want to acknowledge every single member, activist, delegate, member leader, Executive Officer and Branch Councillor, and the whole union staff team for your hard work, your sacrifices, and your contributions to the campaign.

The Morrison Government will no doubt seek to make things harder for workers and union members in some ways - that’s why it’s more important than ever that we remain strong, active, and united.

Australian unions are older than our parliament. We have survived the coming and going of every single Prime Minister, and we will outlast this one too. We aren’t going anywhere and we aren’t going to be quiet. Our mighty union movement will always stand up for workers and the more vulnerable members of society. There will always be strength and safety in our solidarity, and there will always be hope and vision for a better collective future. 

It is timely that our union is already taking steps to transform and adapt to modern circumstances, and I look forward to our continued journey together as we build our United Workers Union.

In Solidarity,

Jannette Armstrong

Secretary, United Voice Tasmania