The Cap is Scrapped!

The Cap is Scrapped!

United Voice members got the Premier back to the table.

Our work bans and walk-offs forced the Premier back to the table.

This morning United Voice and other public sector unions met with Premier Hodgman and his negotiating team.

Union members stood together, leaving the Hodgman Government with no other choice but to scrap the cap!

Hodgman presented your bargaining team with a 12-month wages agreement. The new offer delivers a gross increase equivalent to 2.5% for members on salaries up to $80,000, and between 2.5% and 2.45% for those above $80,000.

The offer comprises:

  • 10% backdated to December 2018
  • 25% paid from registration; and
  • 15% paid as a one-off sign on payment but capped at a salary of $80,000.

What happened to arbitration?

We worked hard over the past few weeks to progress discussions on the Terms of Reference for arbitration before the Tasmanian Industrial Commission.

However, it became clear it isn’t a simple or speedy process. A 12-month offer would get money into the pockets of members now, while buying us time to recommence proper negotiations.

What’s the plan if we accept the wages agreement?

Premier Hodgman proposes negotiations to run from August to November 2019.

The aim will be to conclude agreements for the remaining 2 years. There may be a role of the Industrial Commission during this period to help the process if required.

If agreements can’t be achieved by the end of November, the Commission will be asked to arbitrate.

Wage Agreement Paid Vote Meetings

Next week we will present you with the details of the offer and then ask you to vote.

The meetings will be held next week - see details below.

The DoE will notify SBMs of these meetings - however you should advise your SBM ASAP that you will be attending this meeting. Please allow PAID travel time to and from the meetings.

We will arrange remote schools phone hook-ups for Tuesday 30th July and Thursday 1st August.


Wednesday 31st of July


Ulverstone Football Club

1-3 Victoria Street, Ulverstone


Wednesday 31st July

3.00pm – 4.00pm

South Launceston Football Club

21 Highgate St, Youngtown


Thursday 1st August

10.00am – 11.00am

Glenorchy Football Club

1A Anfield Street Glenorchy


If you have questions, comments or feedback please contact us


In Unity, 

Your Bargaining Team

Ken Martindale, Rob Terry, Greg Donaldson, Rod Chard, Deb Pinner