Stephen McCallum: Labor Candidate for Hobart City Council

Stephen McCallum: Labor Candidate for Hobart City Council

United Voice is a powerful union of workers who make their voices heard on important issues at work and in our society. Every day, United Voice members contribute time and money to win fairness and respect. When United Voice members commit themselves to a campaign, we usually win. I’m looking forward to winning jobs that we can count on, where workers are safe, fairly paid and respected by employers.

My Father has been a United Voice member and workplace delegate for almost 50 years. I grew up with member meetings at the dinner table and listening to Dad giving advice to workmates over the phone. I joined United Voice when I started working at the University Bar. Later on, I began working for United Voice in administration and I’m currently part of the Member Rights Team, supporting and empowering members to win fairness and respect at work.

I’m running for Council because I'm tired of watching people fight about a cable car when so many people are homeless or struggling to pay their rent. We need to focus on issues that are impacting the lives of people every day. Addressing record rent increases, traffic congestion and public safety should all be at the top of the to-do list. I’m running for council to put people first

If elected, I hope to improve housing access and affordability, particularly for people with a low income and end homelessness in Hobart. I want to fix traffic congestion in Hobart and encourage other modes of transport so people can spend more time with their families and doing things they enjoy.

I’m constantly in contact with members, so I have a good understanding of the issues that United Voice members face each day. We need those voices on Council. A vote for me will help me to be your voice on Council. If you want to have a Council that stands up for you and cares about issues that impact you, you need to vote. If you don’t speak up and participate in discussions that will impact on your life, then other people will speak and they will decide your future. What do you want for your future?

Members can find more information on my Facebook page or by emailing