TRISH FOSTER: Door Knocking in Denison

TRISH FOSTER: Door Knocking in Denison


I volunteered for my children.

Door knocking with the Labor Candidate for Denison, Ella Haddad, made me realise there are many Tasmanians unsure about who to vote for on election day.

I’ve been that person. But nobody knocked on my door.

It is only because I joined United Voice that I now understand the value of my vote, and why I now take an interest in what the candidates represent.

I know that Ella Hadad shares our union values. Just like me, I know that Ella wants better schools and hospitals, and for women’s work to be valued in the same way that men’s work is valued.

So I knocked on doors to tell people about Ella and why they should vote for her. I did it for my children. I want better schools for them, a health system that will pick them up when they fall ill, and I did it because I know my worth as an early childhood educator, and I’m done with waiting for equal pay.

Doorknock with me and other union members next month, to ensure that everyone knows who to vote for in this state election. Follow the Tasmanian Facebook page to hear more about these events.