Greg Farrell: respect casino workers with fair pay and secure work!

Greg Farrell: respect casino workers with fair pay and secure work!

Tasmania needs more, not less, jobs that we can count on.

The CEO of Federal Group, Greg Farrell, makes big bucks off the backs of hard-working Tasmanians. Yet instead of offering us a fair pay rise, Greg prefers to ship the profits from his Tasmanian casinos up to Sydney - where the Farrell family indulge in a profitable hobby of 107 Arabian horses

The CEO expected employees to stand by his pro-pokies campaign, during the state election. However, Greg has failed to stand by us, getting his HR team to push a disrespectful 1.8% annual pay increase for 3 years in negotiations. 

The Farrell family is part of the race to the bottom on both wages and workplace conditions in Tasmania, with Federal Group proposing to significantly water down our roster and redundancy provisions.  

Tell Greg that he has a duty to ensure his casino employees have secure jobs and fair pay.

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