That's a sweet, sweet victory


When a cleaning contractor at Cadbury Hobart sacked half its cleaning workforce, the contractor hired new cleaners and exploited them. The cleaning company took advantage of the fact that these cleaners were all new to Australia.

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JAYNE WALKER: We can win together

The resounding no vote at Country Club and Wrest Point wasn’t only a rejection of the lousy pay offer. It was a rejection of the Federal Group’s attack on our rights at work.

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TRISH FOSTER: Door Knocking in Denison


I volunteered for my children.

Door knocking with the Labor Candidate for Denison, Ella Haddad, made me realise there are many Tasmanians unsure about who to vote for on election day.

I’ve been that person. But nobody knocked on my door.

It is only because I joined United Voice that I now understand the value of my vote, and why I now take an interest in what the candidates represent.

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In the wake of seven thousand school attendant jobs being threatened in NSW, United Voice members Rob Terry and Greg Bartels hit the road in Tasmania. 
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The Fight for fair jobs in Security


Like many security officers, United Voice delegate Jody O’Rourke, makes ends meet by working for a number of different contractors. During past football and cricket seasons, Jody has worked as a casual security officer for Southern Cross Protection at the Blundstone Arena for several years.

Retail Security Services (RSS) was acquired by Southern Cross Protection in Tasmania last year. Southern Cross Protection has continued to use the old RSS enterprise agreement, which has low flat pay rates with no penalties. On weekends, the agreement undercuts the Award by up to $20 an hour. 

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NARELLE BARR: NO to lowering the school starting age

I’ve been an educator for thirteen years. I know first-hand what a difference early learning makes in a child’s life. The Hodgman Liberal Government’s plan to lower the school starting age to 3½ years is a mistake – it will be too much, too soon. Early learning is where confidence is built – it’s play-based for a reason, working as the building blocks for future learning. Concerned about Hodgman’s plans, I went to the community forum in Invervay to hear from other educators, politicians, and parents.

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On the back of United Voice polling released on Saturday that clearly showed overwhelming lack of support for the early school starting age policy, the Tasmanian Minister for Education has finally dumped the controversial policy.

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