Stephen McCallum: Labor Candidate for Hobart City Council

United Voice is a powerful union of workers who make their voices heard on important issues at work and in our society. Every day, United Voice members contribute time and money to win fairness and respect. When United Voice members commit themselves to a campaign, we usually win. I’m looking forward to winning jobs that we can count on, where workers are safe, fairly paid and respected by employers.

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Alison Butcher: Candidate for Devonport City Council

Union isn’t what I say, it’s what I do.

I became an Early Childhood educator in 2001 until 2014. I am a proud and active member of United Voice, the Union for Early Childhood Educators. Through this my interest was sparked and developed for progressive thinking and good social outcomes. I have spoken at rallies, lobbied for policy change and developed a firm belief in “we rise by lifting others” and the good old fashioned idea of caring for each other.

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SPEECH: Trish Foster at the Sept 2018 Walk-Off


In August I had the absolute privilege of going to Canberra on your behalf to speak to Bill Shorten and other MPs and Senators.

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Richard Rigby: Correctional Officers Win

Last month at State Conference, Tasmanian Labor unanimously agreed to support Correctional Officers in securing Jobs You Can Count On.

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Union members at State Labor Conference

Last month United Voice members proposed a number of motions at the State Labor Conference - all were carried successfully. 

Here you can read all of the motions in their entirety.

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DEBORAH PATMORE: We're on our way to jobs we can count on

I was one of several Education Facility Attendants (EFAs) who sat down with the Minister for Education last week. 

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WENDY HAND: Retired but still fighting


Being union is life changing. From the people you meet to the actions you take, it changes you. I would never have been able to stand up if I hadn’t been part of it. 

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United Voice Tasmania is moving!

After 21 years at our current address, we're moving! 

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Duane Smith: Boags EA Negotiations 2018

We were three fresh faces at the bargaining table - Nathan Groves, Sven Nicklason, and myself, Duane Smith - joined by the experienced delegate Adrian Hinds, ready to negotiate the EA Agreement at Boags Brewery. 

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May Day in Tassie

Around 2000 people attended this year’s May Day march and street party according to one news outlet. We aren’t sure of exact figures but what we do know is it was BIG! The biggest May Day celebration held in Tasmania in many years.

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