DEBORAH PATMORE: We're on our way to jobs we can count on

I was one of several Education Facility Attendants (EFAs) who sat down with the Minister for Education last week. 

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WENDY HAND: Retired but still fighting


Being union is life changing. From the people you meet to the actions you take, it changes you. I would never have been able to stand up if I hadn’t been part of it. 

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Duane Smith: Boags EA Negotiations 2018

We were three fresh faces at the bargaining table - Nathan Groves, Sven Nicklason, and myself, Duane Smith - joined by the experienced delegate Adrian Hinds, ready to negotiate the EA Agreement at Boags Brewery. 

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May Day in Tassie

Around 2000 people attended this year’s May Day march and street party according to one news outlet. We aren’t sure of exact figures but what we do know is it was BIG! The biggest May Day celebration held in Tasmania in many years.

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Wrest Point Casino management have once again shown their pettiness by rejecting a reasonable proposal from workers, with the casino ignoring attempts by workers to end the current industrial dispute.

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Members Vote YES for Industrial Action at Casinos


United Voice casino members have overwhelmingly voted to take protected industrial action. Tasmania’s casinos will now enter an extended period of instability, following the release of the results of the vote.

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Educators went knocking on Parliament's doors


On Tuesday the 27th of March, thousands of educators from around Australia walked off the job for equal pay. Here in Tasmania, more than 250 educators from 30 centres, including mine, participated in this action.

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LINDIE READ: EFAs Job Security Agreement


I am an EFA at Nixon Street Primary School, in beautiful Devonport. I have really enjoyed the security of having a permanent part-time job, good working conditions and great workmates for over a decade now.

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ANDREW SMITH: Corrections get organised for their enterprise negotiations


In late 2017 we set about reaching our target of two delegates in each area of the Tasmanian Prison Service. The existing delegates and organiser focussed on talking with members to identify the best people for the roles. We now have a team of eleven delegates across the service, with room for a couple more.

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Can you accrue annual leave, whilst on workers comp?

Are you or have you been on workers compensation and told by your employer you weren’t entitled to accrue annual leave? If so we encourage members to contact the Member Rights Team to discuss this further.

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