Members Vote YES for Industrial Action at Casinos


United Voice casino members have overwhelmingly voted to take protected industrial action. Tasmania’s casinos will now enter an extended period of instability, following the release of the results of the vote.

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Educators went knocking on Parliament's doors


On Tuesday the 27th of March, thousands of educators from around Australia walked off the job for equal pay. Here in Tasmania, more than 250 educators from 30 centres, including mine, participated in this action.

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LINDIE READ: EFAs Job Security Agreement


I am an EFA at Nixon Street Primary School, in beautiful Devonport. I have really enjoyed the security of having a permanent part-time job, good working conditions and great workmates for over a decade now.

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ANDREW SMITH: Corrections get organised for their enterprise negotiations


In late 2017 we set about reaching our target of two delegates in each area of the Tasmanian Prison Service. The existing delegates and organiser focussed on talking with members to identify the best people for the roles. We now have a team of eleven delegates across the service, with room for a couple more.

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Can you accrue annual leave, whilst on workers comp?

Are you or have you been on workers compensation and told by your employer you weren’t entitled to accrue annual leave? If so we encourage members to contact the Member Rights Team to discuss this further.

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Tasmanian Branch Election Notice


Tasmanian Branch



Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009


Nominations are called for:


Branch President (1)

Branch Vice-President (2)

Branch Secretary (1)

Branch Executive Member (8)

Delegates to National Council (3)


Delegates to Branch Council representing the following Sections:

Manufacturing (1) Children’s Services Nth (1)
Contract Cleaning (1) Children’s Services Sth (1)
Country Club (1) Education Facility Attendant (2)
Hospitality (1) Miscellaneous (1)
Security (1) TCOA (1)
Wrest Point Casino (1)  



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United Voice, the casino union, confirms there has been a breakdown in negotiations with both Tasmanian casinos during the current pay negotiations.

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Educators Everywhere

Together with campaign leaders from across the country, United Voice has developed an activist toolbox of ideas, activities, and actions for educators to take in their local community. Every Member of Parliament (MP) cares what people in their electorate think, because every three years they need to show up and ask people to vote for them.

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That's a sweet, sweet victory


When a cleaning contractor at Cadbury Hobart sacked half its cleaning workforce, the contractor hired new cleaners and exploited them. The cleaning company took advantage of the fact that these cleaners were all new to Australia.

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JAYNE WALKER: We can win together

The resounding no vote at Country Club and Wrest Point wasn’t only a rejection of the lousy pay offer. It was a rejection of the Federal Group’s attack on our rights at work.

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