Wrest Point Casino management have once again shown their pettiness by rejecting a reasonable proposal from workers, with the casino ignoring attempts by workers to end the current industrial dispute.

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Wrest Point rejected members’ significantly revised proposal on flimsy grounds, are refusing to protect long-standing conditions and will now be putting their proposed agreement out to a vote again.

Jessica Sanders, Acting Tasmanian Branch Secretary of United Voice, the casino union, says, “Wrest Point members significantly shifted their position last week in a desire to bring these incredibly long negotiations to an end – the only major outstanding issue is the proposed changes to the roster cycle. Casino workers presently have the ability to plan their lives and ensure they can attend to family responsibilities – the company wants to take this existing condition away from them. The Federal Group does not respect the lives of its employees or their families.

“Employees at Wrest Point are not just casino workers; they are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, students and team mates. Every single person in the casino has a life outside their workplace, and this company wants to take that away from them, to throw away their ability to plan their lives.

The current roster cycle has been in place for over 20 years. It has worked for everyone. And yet all of a sudden the company claims this is unsustainable. Members call this for what it is, absolute rubbish.

“Federal Group is engaged in a race to the bottom, they obviously no longer want to be known as an employer of choice or Australia’s ‘friendliest casino’. Rather than build a world-class reputation they have instead chosen pettiness and a desire to scrape away the conditions that members have spent years fighting for.

“The company has chosen to once again ignore their employees and have decided to waste time and attempt to wear down employees by putting their proposed agreement out to a vote again.

“Members will not give in, they intend to double their efforts and show Greg Farrell and Dominic Baker that they have made a big mistake by underestimating their employees.”

Simon Davis, Wrest Point staff member says, "As we approach two years since our last pay rise workers at Wrest Point are being treated with contempt by Federal. Federal have sought to slash our conditions and offered nothing in return but a real-terms pay cut."

Jessica Sanders is available for interview today.

Contact: Jessica Sanders – 0424370663

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