Give the UTAS cleaners their jobs back!


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Workers' livelihoods shouldn't be on the chopping block when there's a change in contract - but that's exactly what has happened at the University of Tasmania (UTAS).

Hard-working cleaners have had their jobs taken away by the University of Tasmania, when they decided to change cleaning contractors. 

“Finding work will be hard.  I’ve been with UTAS for 5 years and I’m good at my job. I’m always punctual and I work hard.  I will now have to rely on my family for rent, food and bills.  I’m scared that I will end up on the streets” - Simon Chapman

This is yet another story of a broken industrial system, which works for corporations, but not working people.

“I’ve lost my house because I can’t afford to pay the rent.  I loved my work and I do a good job.  The students would leave me note to tell me what a great job I’m doing. I feel traumatised by the whole thing, I don’t have a tear left in me to cry, I’ve cried so much” - Kathryn Bennett

It isn't the first time that UTAS has tried to shirk its duty to both the uni community and the working people of Tasmania.

Last year UTAS tried to do the same to the people who have long kept students safe. United Voice members launched a campaign and won their jobs back. The University promised that the next time a contract went out for tender, UTAS would indicate that their preference was for current workers to keep their jobs.

This promise has been broken - tell the University of Tasmania to take responsibility for those who work on its campus. 

"Even now I am finding myself having to cut back on food. I know there are those maybe worse off than me but this is the reason people like me need our jobs - work is all I know to get by, to lose my job would devastate me I will not have anywhere to go." - Lynette Eastley 

Sign the petition calling on the University of Tasmania to get the cleaners reinstated, because working people need jobs they can count on.

“Losing this job means I now face financial hardship. I have 3 kids at home, they all play sports. Now it looks like I’ll have to tell them they have to stop because I can’t afford it.” - Tameka Donohue