LINDIE READ: EFAs Job Security Agreement

LINDIE READ: EFAs Job Security Agreement


I am an EFA at Nixon Street Primary School, in beautiful Devonport. I have really enjoyed the security of having a permanent part-time job, good working conditions and great workmates for over a decade now.

As we all know the recent election saw the return of the Liberal Government for another four-year term.  This means that on the 30th of September, 2018, it is very possible that our Job Security Agreement won’t be renewed.  Only previous Labor governments have honoured and renewed our Job Security Agreement, which protects the FECA model and our direct employment by the DOE.  Our job security may come to an end.

I must admit that I was pretty complacent about my job security in the past. Just taking it for granted that the Government would simply renew the agreement in recognition of the valuable contribution we make in state schools, colleges and TAFES. I know that we can’t be complacent in today’s workplaces though, with more public service jobs being privatised and with further casualisation. In 1997 EFAs took industrial strike action to win job security.  

We need to stand together to have a strong, united voice, bolstered by every EFA possible, a powerful fighting team. If we want to protect our current work conditions and job security, we need the weight of numbers to pressure the Government into sign our JSA.

As members of United Voice we will have the opportunity to actively join in this campaign, so keep your eye out for upcoming activities and events. Delegates will help keep their workmates informed. Union representatives will be contacting other key stakeholder groups, including school community members to help show their support for EFAs. I will join other cluster leaders, and look forward to contacting delegates and EFAs in other local schools and helping to keep them up to date.

I hope we are successful at winning job security. I am at an age, where I simply can’t afford to lose my job and I know many others who are in the same boat.

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