Education Facility Attendants Motion 2018

Education Facility Attendants Motion 2018

School attendants at our state schools are low paid public sector employees. The security of their jobs and the provision of fair and reasonable workloads are paramount for this group of directly employed cleaners, grounds and maintenance workers and kitchen assistants.

But they are much more than this. They are valued members of our school communities.  They help bind these communities together and enrich the lives of school children and young adults through their support, mentoring and guidance. School attendants work hard to ensure that every day, every family can take for granted that their children will be provided with a safe, healthy, hygienic and clean physical learning environment to learn and grow, succeed, play, develop and reach their full potential.

School attendants will NOT sit calmly watching the diminishment of their schools or their neighbouring schools if threats are made of contracting out their jobs OR if no commitment is made to guarantee their safe workloads through their Job Security Agreement.

School attendants will not accept further increases to their workloads when often they are already racing to get the job done. Greater workloads will only lead to unsafe work practices, lower morale and greater levels of occupational injury.

We therefore call on Labor to recognise directly employed public sector school attendants as an integral part of our school communities across Tasmania. School Attendants should never be forced to bear the brunt of a Government’s financial and budgetary pressure – now or at any time in the future – and we call on Labor to make this commitment.

We call on Labor to commit to protecting and supporting the job security and current workload conditions of Tasmanian school cleaners.



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