Early Childhood Education Motion 2018

Early Childhood Education Motion 2018

Conference condemns the Federal Liberal Government’s lack of commitment to invest in early education. Australia should expand affordable, high quality, integrated early learning and care programs.

In the last budget the Liberals abolished the national quality agenda for early education agreement with the States and Territories and did not commit any new early childhood education and care funding to Australia’s four year olds. Labor is concerned the Federal government’s new child care system will hurt vulnerable Tasmanian families and restrict access to early education.

Conference calls on Federal Labor, in government, to maintain the universal access to early learning programs in the year before formal schooling begins, and to improve it by considering options to ensure all children get this opportunity, such as increasing the number of hours available and lowering the age when the programs can be accessed.

We condemn the Federal Liberal Government for prioritising company tax cuts for big business above the needs of children.

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