ANDREW SMITH: Corrections get organised for their enterprise negotiations

ANDREW SMITH: Corrections get organised for their enterprise negotiations


In late 2017 we set about reaching our target of two delegates in each area of the Tasmanian Prison Service. The existing delegates and organiser focussed on talking with members to identify the best people for the roles. We now have a team of eleven delegates across the service, with room for a couple more.

The newly-elected delegation headed off to Delegate 101 training at the end of February. The next day we came together for a planning and training session.  We now feel more confident in our roles, and a few of us have learnt that it’s okay not to know everything - that we can call on our organiser, and that the Member Rights Team are there to support us.

Since then, our organiser has been working with us to put the theory in to practise. We’ve been preparing our members for wages bargaining later in the year by rolling out a Jobs You Can Count On Survey. It’s been so interesting to have in-depth conversations with others members, get to know what they truly care about, and really hone our communication skills. It’s difficult to get things done on site, and as we are also all shift-workers, we have spent some time calling from the office.

We’re ready to represent members with confidence in every situation, and importantly in our pay negotiations, as we now know exactly what members think a Job you can count on is, and we will know what members are prepared to fight for!

- Andrew Smith, United Voice Corrections Delegate and TCOA President

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