United Voice, the casino union, confirms there has been a breakdown in negotiations with both Tasmanian casinos during the current pay negotiations.

United Voice and the casinos have a long history of successful negotiations over many years.

Jessica Sanders, Acting Tasmanian Branch Secretary, United Voice, says, “United Voice members are unhappy at the lack of respect shown by Federal Group to their supposedly ‘valued’ employees.

“The company put the agreement out to vote at both properties in January 2018 and it was overwhelmingly voted down by employees.

“Since that time the company has not listened to its workers and has not shifted its position anywhere near enough for the workers to accept the proposal. Therefore, we are now at an impasse.

“Members refuse to accept a reduction in their entitlements and a paltry 1.8% wage increase.

“The negotiations have been long and drawn out, the company has shown time and time again throughout this process that they do not respect their employees. The casino General Managers and Federal Group CEO Greg Farrell have refused requests to meet with employee representatives to move negotiations forward.

“Members are incredibly disappointed and angry.”

Simon Davis, table gaming staff member, says, “We are really disappointed that from the beginning this negotiation has been about what the company can cut from workers, and what they are offering in return is in actual fact a net pay cut.”

Casino workers have had their application for protected industrial action approved by the Fair Work Commission. Discussions with the Australian Electoral Commission on the timeline for the ballot on this action are currently underway.

Key points:
- Casino workers have not had a wage increase since July 2016.- The one and only offer from Federal Group was 1.8% per year for three years, along with a reduction in rostering notification and significantly reduced involuntary redundancy rights for employees. Employees overwhelmingly voted down the offer at the end of January and still Federal Group are refusing to take up union offers to recommence negotiations.
- Federal invested significant amounts of money in the recent 'We are Federal' state election advertising campaign to hold on to their gaming monopoly. This public message is in stark difference to their behaviour towards their employees in denying them a wage rise for the past 20 months.


Media queries: Elisabeth Bowdler – 0425 242 691. Jessica Sanders and Simon Davis are available for interviews.

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