Alison Butcher: Candidate for Devonport City Council

Alison Butcher: Candidate for Devonport City Council

Union isn’t what I say, it’s what I do.

I became an Early Childhood educator in 2001 until 2014. I am a proud and active member of United Voice, the Union for Early Childhood Educators. Through this my interest was sparked and developed for progressive thinking and good social outcomes. I have spoken at rallies, lobbied for policy change and developed a firm belief in “we rise by lifting others” and the good old fashioned idea of caring for each other.

My pride in being an active union member stems from the power of the collective.  Fair and safe working conditions, respectful work places and seeing how individuals can grow and do amazing things, with Union support.  Being member led is important to me, I have a strong sense of connection with the Union membership and officials.

Through my activism and education within the Union, I have been able to have direct input into Government policy in a wide variety of areas, including child protection, family violence leave, early childhood funding and prisoner reform.

While I have left the early childhood sector, my commitment to the Big Steps campaign will not waiver.

I have built solid wider connections with the Union movement on the North-West Coast and have been highly active for all of my union membership time, also supporting other Unions in their campaigns by attending, planning, lending support and on ground logistics.  

If elected, my union values will be informing my decisions on the best way to progress for the many. I want sustainable and sound practice to help shape a thriving community that is on the front foot for solutions. I hope to bring an energetic, enthusiastic approach to decision making. Including a more inclusive community planning perspective and encourage authentic consultation with community.

I strongly urge each member to take the time to vote to ensure that the council is fairly balanced.  Councils make the local decisions about the kind of community you live, work and relax in.  I am always up for a chat and exploring ideas, I can be contacted on


Mobile: 0409 507 868

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