Cleaner gets $185k in workers compensation

Cleaner gets $185k in workers compensation

Angela’s daily life was forever altered after working for a cleaning contractor in Tasmania.

Years of exposure to highly toxic cleaning chemicals led to her to develop severe dermatitis and autoeczematisation. These skin conditions affect her legs, arms, hands and feet. They also affect her ability to clean, as she would have flare-ups without notice.

Angela filed for workers’ compensation, and willingly participated in the work trials that the insurer organised.  She also continued to apply for alternative jobs within her medical restrictions.

The workers’ compensation insurer claimed she could earn just as much, if not more, in other jobs – but Angela had no experience in these professions. The insurer told the Workers Compensation Tribunal she should receive NO future compensation payments.

This put Angela and her family under significant emotional and financial stress.

So, with the backing of her union and Hall Payne Lawyers, Angela took the workers’ compensation insurer to court. Angela argued that it was unrealistic to expect she should find alternative work and that her employer’s OHS safety standards were unsatisfactory.

We were able to negotiate a settlement of $185,000 for Angela with the workers compensation insurer. The ruling ensured she wouldn’t face a future with no compensation for her injury.

*Angela not member's real name - changed for confidentiality reasons.